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Olympic Physique Fitness Classes

Body Tone - Suitable for every level, this class involves an aerobic warm-up followed by toning exercises for the whole body using weights and bands.

Ab Attack Express - Short intense workout on every week day which consists of a number of exercises which provides a workout for the abdominal and oblique area of the stomach.

Circuit Gym - Involves use of all the muscles you have and equipment we have to provide a varied, exciting and fun work out all together! Great motivating class to do and good way to keep fit.

FIT Ball - Tone up the fun way with the stability ball. An extremely effective way to get in shape, tone, lose the extra pounds and inches or just keep fit.

Combo Class - This class combines the best of step aerobics and toning exercises. Includes muscle conditioning and stretching.

<>Step Aerobics - Cardiovascular workout, stepping on and off the adjustable height step. Movements are co-ordinated and choreographed to music.

Tae Bo - An excellent fat burner & cardiovascular workout and easy to learn with no complicated choreography. Tae Bo is unlike any workout program you’ve ever tried before.

Stretching Class - A class combing the flow of movements of Yoga and the core technique of Pilates. This class give you amazing results such as: stronger & more flexible body, improved posture, amazing abs relaxation element, effective stress management.

Cardio Aerobics - A dance class based on street dance, get a great aerobic workout with fun moves, music, momentum and attitude, this is the perfect dance class for you!

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