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FITgroups Fitnes Classes

Group Personal Training
Experience the benefits of one-on-one training while you exercise with friends & others. Group Personal Training (GPT) sessions are specifically structured to achieve the health and fitness goals of the group members. You therefore get a personalized workout, personalized attention, and you get it at an affordable price!!

Why GPT?
• “You” tell “Us” what you want to achieve
• “You” tell “Us” what type of class you would like
• Receive personal training at the price of group training
• Choose a day, time and venue that fits in with your lifestyle and routine
• More fun, more motivating, and you'll be committed!

How does it work?
• Form your own group or inquire if you can be added to an existing group (of similar fitness levels and with similar goals)
• Tell us your goals and needs
• Complete the FITgroups health and screening questionnaire
• Have an individual or group fitness assessment (optional) *

*Individual and Group Fitness Assessments: The health and screening questionnaire is quite sufficient for some groups. In these cases, the questionnaire plus talking with your instructor prior to your first session is all that is required to enable him/her to structure your workout. If you would like a more detailed fitness assessment, both individual and group assessments are available. The detailed fitness assessments are frequently used by group members in helping them define their goals. The results of the assessment can also be used for re-test purposes to allow us measure your progression.

Initial fitness assessments are carried out a few days before your first session so that the results are available to use when planning your workout.

• Your workout is then structured according to the goals, fitness levels and needs of all group participants
• You and your instructor agree a day, time and venue
• GPT sessions can be formatted in a number of ways:
• The format can mirror one of FITgroups weekly classes. For example, four pregnant ladies may request an outdoor ante natal class just for them!
• The format can solely be structured according to the group's goals, needs and requests.

Group Classes

Post Natal babyFIT - Classes are for new Mums and Babies. These classes are suitable for all new Mums and include specially adapted exercises to ensure Mums work within their "fat burning zone" - vital for losing pregnancy weight. They focus on slowly re-building aerobic fitness, on strengthening the "muscles of motherhood", on improving posture and relieving post natal aches and pains. You will also receive complimentary nutritional advice for general health, weight loss and post natal health.

Pregnancy babyFIT - Enjoy gentle strengthening and stretching exercises to help you feel good during your pregnancy, and to help you prepare physically and emotionally for childbirth and a healthy and speedy recovery!

Over 50s stretchFIT - Classes focus on improving mobility, flexibility and posture. Class concludes with 10 mins relaxation.

Over 50s walkFIT - Classes are held outdoors and focus on improving cardiorespiratory fitness (for health heart and lungs) using walking drills.

Over 50s toneFIT - Classes focus on toning the abdominal, back, leg and arms muscles, thereby strengthening muscles and bones!

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