Active Fitness Fitness Classes

Tabata - A high intensity interval training for anyone looking to increase athletic capacity, lose weight, reduce fat or if you don't have alot of time for fitness.

Step and Tone - A form of aerobic power distinguished from other types of aerobic exercise by its use of an elevated platform. The height can be tailored to individual needs. Step aerobic classes are offered as group fitness classes designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall muscle tone.

Senshaper - The Senshaper series is an innovative new high intensity and strength endurance program gets you fit and in shape fast. Using strength and stabilization exercises (toning), athletic aerobic movements (plyometrics), followed by a short, sharp and intense spinning ride or run (cardio), you’ll be amazed at how quickly your results will come. Sene has established her skills and global experience in the field of holistic health, corrective and high performance training.

Aquafit - This class, done mostly vertically and without swimming, is suitable for all fitness levels. Aquafit is offered in a group fitness class setting and focuses on aerobic endurance, resistance training in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Heated Yoga - Classes are offered by Ken and Natasha of YogaYoga. The classes are an intense form of yoga taught in a heated room. This class is designed for all levels of students from absolute beginners to the advanced practitioner.

Karate - A martial art class offered to adults and children from 6yrs, and are for all levels from beginner to the most advanced students.

Spinning - Vigorous cardio workout using stationary bikes. It improves endurance, muscle tone and helps relieve stress all while burning those calories.

Kettlebells - Offers a different type of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every area of fitness: endurance, strength, balance, agility, and cardio endurance.

Hard Assets - A targeted toning class for the “Lower Body!! “ with various types of equipment and body weight exercise this session will increase your muscle tone and fitness.

H.I.I.T. - This class demands that you give 100% effort in a quick, intense burst of excercise followed by a short and sometimes active rest. Great for improving fitness and stripping fat.

MMA Cconditioning - This class is based on non-contact training methods from the world of MMA(mixed martial art) with the aim to develop you physically and mentally like the best conditioned athletes the world has to offer.

Swimfit - Designed for adults who wish to improve swim fitness, stroke technique, timing, stamina and endurance in the water. For intermediate and advanced swimmers only.

Weekend Warrior - This class builds strenght and endurance while toning your entire body using intense group intervals with various methods and styles.

Core Fusion - This class focuses entirely on core muscles, while helping support the spine. It also increases abdominal tone and improves your balance and co-ordination.

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