Club Vitae Fitness Classes

Kettlebells - Functional, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure. With a focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight.

Ab Attack - A class to focus on the area most of us need to improve, the Abdominals and core. This class provides all the required moves and intensity to get the flat tummy you want.

Tone & Sculpt - A toning and conditioning class with weights that is suitable for all levels and anyone who wants to make their muscles look and feel better.

Spinning - Offers an energizing, cycling-inspired exercise. During the class the instructor simulates a ride on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race! It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular class.

Zumba - A fusion of Latin and international music and dance combinations will have you moving to a blend of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Aqua Fit - Aquafit is a low-impact form of resistance training which is great for improving both cardiovascular fitness and toning muscles. The classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music.

TRX - A way of getting a full body workout by using just your bodyweight. TRX training develops flexibility, core stability, balance & strength all in one workout!

Cardio Blast - A fun, high energy and varied class aimed at boosting your cardiovascular fitness. It is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Personal Training - If you’re looking for better results than what you’ve been getting on your own or you’re training for an upcoming event then you could benefit from one-to-one personal training.

Swimming Lessons - Club Vitae Oranmore offer a range of swimming lessons to our members and non-members.

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